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The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second-best time is now.

Chinese proverb

Assistance to populations

During the period of preparation of the plants, fifteen women work every day in the trees nursery to fill in the pots, clean and incise the seeds and to plant them into the pots. Those women come with their children who help them in a joyful atmosphere.

Thirty workers prepare the site by clearing the ground and digging holes.Once planted, to protect the young trees, it is necessary to cut the weeds twice a year around the trees.
The plantation of 100,000 trees requests the work of twenty people during a full year.
 Because of the large number of candidates for a job, in order to give work to as many people as possible, we organize two or three groups of workers that change every week. 

Each worker is paid at the end of the week.  Their daily work is organized following very specific tasks such as: 50 trees to clean, 100 holes to dig, 250 plants to pot, etc…
The workers are supervised by site coordinators and nursery gardeners.  The average salary of a worker is about 1 euro for half a day’s work.

Furthermore, in order to ensure a wide diversity of trees planted, we buy seeds in villages located around the national Park Masaola, which gives an additional important economic activity to the inhabitants of those remote regions.