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The earth of the man away from nature becomes hard.

Lakota's wisdom


We plan to organize in each reforestation location a campaign to raise the awareness of the local populations.

Indeed, the Madagascar Forest suffers from a important deforestation due to the burning of vegetation to free up land for agriculture and to get charcoal to bake food.
The Madagascar law forbids the burning of vegetation but the lack of means makes it impossible for the government to get this respected.

We also work with local authorities to raise the awareness of children at school and adults via neighborhood meetings. Several advertisement boards have been placed in strategic points throughout the village to remind our action to the population.
At the beginning of the rain season, we organize a party named: “The tree planting party” where the entire population of the village is invited.  The day is set up around the planning of our young plants and as reward for this work, we offer at the end of the day the Zebu, and the mayor of the village offers the rice for all.  With this symbolic act of planting a tree, we hope to bring to the minds the notion of protection of the environment.

In order to protect our plantations, one tree out of 10 is a fruit tree.  The local population lives mainly on one meal a day (in the evening) made of fish and rice.  During the day, the main food comes from seasonal fruits.