Graine de Vie voor particulieren

Are you an individual ?Then there are several ways you can help us

If you want to support our action, you can deposit an amount for your ecological compensation into one of these accounts either directly online or via PayPal:

Belgium : BE 87 0015 8400 0094 (BIC: GEBABEBB)
Luxemburg : LU 79 0030 8840 8864 0000 (BIC: BGLLLULL)
France : FR 76 3000 4028 3700 0108 7777 094

With a monthly deposit of 15 euros for example, after 150 months we have planted an entire forest with 9,000 trees that compensate your ecological footprint for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

All funds we receive will be used ONLY for our reforestation projects. We will send you a tax certificate at the appropriate time to add to your tax return.

Are you a company?Then become an ECO PARTNER

Become an ECO PARTNER of Graine de Vie and compensate for the ecological footprint of your activities!

No idea what your ecological footprint is?

Graine de Vie can put you in contact with specialists who can calculate your carbon emissions and your footprint. In this way, you can also develop a strategy to reduce your carbon emissions (and therefore, also your costs) and to compensate for the surplus.

Become carbon neutral by compensating the total of your carbon emissions, your ecological footprint. Interesse ? Neem contact op met ons!

Ixina, Eco partners

Compensate the ecological print for your entire lifePlant a forest!

Plant 9000 trees to capture 1000 tons of CO2, that is 15 euros per month for 150 months to compensate for the ecological footprint of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

Let's make sure we leave a livable earth to our children Legacies or Duo-Legacies

All legacies to our NGO are taxed at the very favourable rate of 7%. Duo-legacies are also possible, This is a fiscally advantageous technique for distant heirs, who would therefore be heavily taxed. Talk to your notary about it.