Benin Community Inclusion Testimonial

Actions speak louder than words, but actions + words are a proof of results. A testimony of local farmer in Benin, with whom Graine de Vie (through our local partner CEDV) worked to restore his estate, demonstrates how we engage with local communities. Our reforestation strategy includes a strong commitment to involve local communities in restoring their natural environment and providing them with means to improve their livelihood. Our trees nurseries provide employment and a source of income. The seedlings are distributed free of charge and planted in villager’s land parcels, creating a source of food and income (fruit and cash crop trees).  Hence, our projects are well preserved and maintained long term by the communities where we are present.

Graine de Vie and MNP signs an agreement

We are proud to announce that yesterday Graine De Vie and Madagascar National Parks signed a new cooperation agreement to amplify activities related to joined reforestation projects aiming to restore ecosystems, raise awareness among local communities by involving them in project work, and establishing tree nurseries in surrounding areas.
This agreement marks another key milestone of collaboration between MNP and Graine de Vie in our joint fight against the effects of climate change.

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Why Save Mangroves

Last week we celebrated International Mangrove Day with many Graine de Vie’s activities in our 14 mangrove projects. What is the importance of mangrove forests and how can you help to protect them?


Reforestation of private properties on Burkina Faso

The Graine de Vie Burkina Faso team carries on its reforestation activities on many private properties. It’s good to see that not only the local authorities but also private citizens of the country understand what’s at stake with nature-based solutions to climate change.