Celebrating the commitment of African people to reforestation

We often talk about the importance of reforestation and its positive impact on fighting the climate change. We celebrate international day of forests, international day of wetlands or international days of biodiversity, and many others to increase the conscience and responsibility of Earth’s population about the need of us all to participate in restoration of our  natural resources . But I think that we don’t celebrate enough the commitment of communities who are most affected by the climate change and who’s dedication to restore their natural environment is just breathtaking. So, this photo collage is for them. Thank you for your devotion and every day’s hard work to help Graine de Vie to reforest Africa.



Century Box Mainetti partnering with Graine deVie

We join Century Box Mainetti in their celebration of this significant company milestone. With the exemplary commitment to lower their #environmentalimpact more #forests are restored, environmental #biodiversity is protected and the #livelihood of local communities is greatly improved.

Reposting Century Box Mainetti post:

We are overjoyed to announce a remarkable achievement in our journey towards sustainability and environmental regeneration. Since the launch of our partnership with the incredible NGO, Graine de Vie NGO, we have planted an astounding 36,000 trees in our nursery in Madagascar!
This significant milestone is not just a number—it represents our deep commitment to creating a greener, healthier planet. Our nursery is flourishing with a diverse mix of fruit trees, cash trees, and canopy trees, each playing a vital role in restoring ecosystems, supporting local economies, and combating climate change.
Our collaboration with Graine de Vie has enabled us to make a tangible impact, demonstrating that together, we can create a sustainable future for our planet and its people. These 36,000 trees are a testament to what we can achieve with shared vision and dedication.
As we celebrate this achievement, we remain focused on our goal of nurturing the environment and empowering communities. We’re not just planting trees; we’re growing hope, opportunity, and life.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative. Your belief in our mission fuels our determination to push boundaries and make a difference.

Here’s to growing together and reaching new heights in sustainability. 🌳💚

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Malagasy military participates in reforestation

Everyone in local communities of Madagascar can participate in reforestation with Graine de Vie – including the military. The Diego-Suarez military sponsors their own nursery producing 21,000 mixed seedlings. The replantation of the seedings began on February 3rd (2,400 planted) and the soldiers will continue to plant them daily in reforestation zones until beginning of March.

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NEXXT Immo planting 25,000 trees

NEXXT IMMO (Strasbourg) has a reason to be proud!! The company sponsored plantation of 25,000 trees in Madagascar to offset their carbon footprint. Thank you Nexxt Immo for your support of Graine de Vie.

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Reforestation of Brickaville, Madagascar

We’re continuing our drilling work on project sites on the east coast of Madagascar in the Brickaville district. The objective is to make 7500 holes for eight sites. The 3-year project aims to set up nurseries for environmental education in 8 public elementary schools and to reforest 8 ha at each site. We are currently preparing the reforestation phase, which will take place from January to February.

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Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation project

“In the heart of Madagascar’s Antolojanahary village, where a once deforested landscape now stands as a testament to hope and resilience. 🌳 The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation supported this Reforestation Project led by Graine de Vie. In just three years, the landscape has undergone a magnificent metamorphosis, with 32,800 trees planted, 20,000 acacia seeds sown, and 84.33 hectares reforested.

Beyond the numerical impact lies a narrative of community commitment. The engagement of nearly 7,600 parents and students in Antolojanahary and neighboring villages signifies a community united for environmental preservation. This successful model stands as a potential blueprint, encouraging us to explore its application in other regions for a broader positive impact.”  Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation



Tour of Wako nursery in Madagascar

We’d like to share with you a virtual visit to tree nursery sponsored by our long-term supporter WAKO S.A.  The nursery is located in the commune Marovato – District Andapa – Région SAVA -Madagascar.  One of the nicest nurseries in the region produces 10,000 seedlings each year which are distributed free of charge to be replanted in the local private planting parcels and community reforestation zones.  Thank you Wako for your continuous support.



Mangrove Restoration in Madagascar

Our mangrove restoration efforts continue, and we often engage with partners to help us with the tedious manual work.   Many hands were needed recently to plant 5,000 propagules in the Diego mangrove (Madagascar).  Thank you to our partner Enelec for supporting our efforts and providing those helping hands.

And we took the opportunity to follow up on our previous restoration zones of the mangrove: results are magnificent, nature is regenerating fast. 💚🌳🌍

Giving Tuesday – 5 reasons to add trees to your CO2 reduction plan

Today is Giving Tuesday.  Every year this day it’s a powerful reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can make a significant impact. 💙 Let’s join hands and channel our collective energy towards creating positive change for the human race by donating to fight climate change.


Landscape restoration project in treeless village of Togo

Vo prefecture. Commune Vo 1, Akogoe village in Togo. 3 years ago, this entire village was treeless, the local community was greatly affected. With Graine de Vie’s landscape restoration project and collaboration of local stakeholders the situation changed rapidly.
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Dry Forest and Graine de Vie sign an agreement

On October 16, Graine de Vie and Dry Forest signed a 3-year partnership agreement.  The agreement formalizes the close technical collaboration that has existed between the two reforestation NGOs since the creation of Dry Forest and its 3 tree-nurseries in 2020.

Graine de Vie supports Dry Forest by providing seeds, equipment, technical support in nursery management and a share of the remuneration of a tree-nurseryman per nursery.

Many thanks to Graine de Vie for its collaboration and support!

In pictures the signing of the agreement, and the recent visit of the Graine de Vie team to Dry Forest.

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Schools engagement in reforestation

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” said JFK. He couldn’t be more right and that’s why Graine de Vie’s  community engagement strategy includes young generation in Africa. Their inclusion in our reforestation efforts helps ensure the longevity of trees we plant to fight the effects of climate change.

For the seasonal reopening of the nursery in the rural commune of Mahavanona, in the DIANA region of Madagascar, teachers from CEG Mahavanona school and their students rallied up to help us achieve our goal of 10,000 seedlings in the nursery.

Mangrove restoration in Ambilobe District, DIANA region of Madagascar

We are thrilled to share news from our Madagascar team about a remarkable accomplishment of local community involved in mangrove forest protection.  Few years ago, Ankazomborona, a village located in the Ambilobe District, DIANA region Madagascar, engaged in a mangrove reforestation and protection project (785ha) with the support of WWF.  Today, during the 2-months shrimp season, the village supplies 10-14 tonnes of mangrove shrimp per day!!!

There is no question that forests and their biodiversity have many benefits to us all. Yet the direct impact they have on communities living around them is enormous.  Remote African communities rely heavily on forests for their source of sustenance for their families.  Partnering with these communities for forest protection is a win-win for us all: thanks to their active improvement the longevity of environmental projects is more secured.



Partnership with Ixina

We are very proud to be chosen by Ixina as their partner in the efforts to reduce their company’s impact on the environment.  Ixina’s long term commitment to help us to reforest Madagascar is exemplary.


Environmental Education in Madagascar

Our environmental education and awareness-raising activities continue. 375 6th and 5th grade students from CEG Sahavoay school in Mandritsara, SOFIA region, Madagascar, accompanied by 6 teachers and the Graine de Vie team, potted seedlings in The Barn Bio Market sponsored nursery. 7,000 pots were potted with the pupils active participation.



MNP and Graine de de Vie agreement signed

We are proud to announce that yesterday Graine De Vie and Madagascar National Parks signed a new cooperation agreement to amplify activities related to joined reforestation projects aiming to restore ecosystems, raise awareness among local communities by involving them in project work, and establishing tree nurseries in surrounding areas.
This agreement marks another key milestone of collaboration between MNP and Graine de Vie in our joint fight against the effects of climate change.

Community plantation

Graine de Vie actions bear fruit – literally! 12 ha of private land in Madagascar (Sakaramy/Diego II) was reforested in 2019 and it continues to strive with cash crop and forest trees together. Every year this reforestation trees produce fruit for the parcel owner and sequester CO2 to help the planet. This is a perfect example of how our community development projects are improving livelihoods of thousands of people and empower them to restore and protect their natural environment

Benin Community Inclusion Testimonial

Actions speak louder than words, but actions + words are a proof of results. A testimony of local farmer in Benin, with whom Graine de Vie (through our local partner CEDV) worked to restore his estate, demonstrates how we engage with local communities. Our reforestation strategy includes a strong commitment to involve local communities in restoring their natural environment and providing them with means to improve their livelihood. Our trees nurseries provide employment and a source of income. The seedlings are distributed free of charge and planted in villager’s land parcels, creating a source of food and income (fruit and cash crop trees).  Hence, our projects are well preserved and maintained long term by the communities where we are present.

Why Save Mangroves

Last week we celebrated International Mangrove Day with many Graine de Vie’s activities in our 14 mangrove projects. What is the importance of mangrove forests and how can you help to protect them?


Reforestation of private properties on Burkina Faso

The Graine de Vie Burkina Faso team carries on its reforestation activities on many private properties. It’s good to see that not only the local authorities but also private citizens of the country understand what’s at stake with nature-based solutions to climate change.