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    Graine de vie
    Helps you to reduce your carbon footprint
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Graine de VieWhat are the results of reforestation :

Graine de vie environment

1) Compensate your carbon emissions

Carbon offsetting is ensured by planting trees in large-scale projects whose nurseries and plantations are managed by Graine de Vie. We work in partnership with Madagascar National Parks to secure, protect and even restore primary forests.

Social aspects of Graine de vie

2) Raising awareness of the people

By training tree nurserymen and raising awareness in schools and villages of the need to preserve the environment. By creating unifying projects in isolated regions. By integrating women into the labour market in order to combat exclusion.

Graine de vie economisch aspect

3) Economical benefits

We employ 10 FTEs on site and 350 daily collaborators (our European members are all volunteers). By planting cash crops in a sustainable way (fruit trees, essential oils, building materials). Biodiversity also enhances the country's tourist attractiveness.

What does the NGO Graine de vie represent in2018

Graine de Vie is represented in :

Belgium, France and Luxemburg.

We have 445 active collaborators

45 are active in Europe (only volunteers) of which 10 are directing operations and 400 are active in Madagascar for reforestation (salaried).

Origin of donations:

Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Netherlands, Finland, Madagascar.


Is the number of sites where we are involved in reforestation. We also have 148 treenurseries in 16 of the 22 regions of Madagascar and in 8 schools.


Number of children that we can raise awareness of every year.


Number of planted tree species.


Number of trees planted since we got started in 2009.


On average one person produces 10 tons of C02 per year. Our trees compensate for the CO2 emissions of 6000 people each year. (60.000 tons CO2/year).

Frédéric Debouche, Graine de vie NGO

Its time to act !Frédéric Debouche, President of the NGO.

In just two centuries of industrial revolution, man has managed to damage his habitat, the Earth, which is the magnificent and fragile result of millions of years of evolution, often in irreversible ways.
The destruction of forests is taking on such proportions that, each year, more than twelve million hectares of forest disappear, an area equivalent to four times the total surface of Belgium.
We do not have the right to leave our children with the heritage of managing our failings. If we do not act now, we will be guilty of failing to assist humanity which is in grave danger.

Who we are

Graine de vie is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) created as an NPO under Belgian and Luxembourg law, which aims to compensate the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialized countries by planting trees in developing countries.
In order to ensure the monitoring and development of reforestation, we create a nursery in each of the planting sites and train local people to manage it. Through local authorities and schools, we are developing a program to raise public awareness of environmental protection. To achieve these objectives, all our members are committed to working on a voluntary basis to ensure that all funds entrusted to us are used directly and fully for the management of our nurseries and tree planting.
On the other hand, we pay the treenurserymen and tree planting workers a salary and thus contribute to improving the lot of the people living in the reforestation areas.

Graine de vie Madagascar

Compensate your ecological print for your entire lifePlant a forest !

10.000 trees are needed to compensate 1000 tons of CO2 emissions, that is 25 euros per month for 125 months to compensate your ecological footprint for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. The average cost for Grainedevie for planting a tree is 25 euro cents