Articles related to Graine de Vie and reforestation

First Graine de Vie Tree nursery in Benin

February 29th – Gerard Doga reports. The first Graine de Vie tree nursery has just been created in Benin in the capital Cotonou not far from the Abomey Calabi University.
4 days of activity from Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th.
We put in fast-growing plants to reforest in June.
So far we have managed to plant 4000 of them. The Beninese association CEDV “Chaque Enfant à Droit à la Vie” will continue the work starting next week.

Agreement between Grainedevie, the Ministry of Education and Actions Sans Frontières

Signature of the agreement between Graine de Vie, the Ministère de l’éducation nationale, and Actions sans frontières today February 20th, 2020

For this first year, we are going to set up nurseries of 500 trees for schoolchildren in about thirty schools and supply 2,000,000 seeds thanks to the bags of 5,000 seeds that we have developed for the direct sowing technique. 🌱.

Thousands of children will benefit from this program.

This collaboration is part of Graine de Vie’s objective for this year: “Raising awareness in schools on the problem of deforestation and the need for reforestation”.

Reforestation of the 3,000 hectares of the high plateaus using the “direct seeding” technique

Monday, February 3rd. From our communications manager in Tana, Miss. Onjatiana Ravoninjatovo.

The official launch of the reforestation of the 3,000 hectares of the highlands through the technique of “direct seeding” in the Commune of Fihaonana, with the presence of the Chief of General Staff of the Malagasy Army, CEMGAM. Nearly 200 soldiers participated in this first day.

Radio Planète Plus – Togo

Our local manager Gerard Doga in full action!

February 1, 2020. Kpalimé – Togo – New program this morning on Radio Planète Plus of the A.C.D, the Association Culture and Development. Program on the environment. The continuation of a series of programs on bushfires and poachers.

Mayors’ Meeting in Vohemar – 31 January 2020

Awareness raising and presentation of the Seed of Life Project programs in SAVA region

Especially in Vohemar District, there is less presence of the NGO Seed of Life, hence the presentation by the Director of this NGO at the meeting of Mayors in Vohemar, this 31/01/20 . Gerard Poncet.

Direct planting in the Bongolava region

On Monday, January 20, 2020, our local manager Voara reports that a team from Grainedevie Tana had gone to the Bongolava Region to carry out direct planting with the deputy and the villagers as well as two people from the army. We were able to plant 10,430 seeds on an area of 10 ha.

Recent activities in Togo

Gerard Doga, our responsible in Togo told us about the 25 tree nurseries currently active with 7 new ones coming soon.

This morning on Radio Planète Plus. Theme: forest fires and deforestation.

Graine de vie prepares to plant 12.000.000 trees

Graine de vie is preparing to plant 12,000,000 trees starting this December 2019 on the basis of the direct seeding technique. This technique is based on the direct introduction of the seed into the soil, without tillage. We distribute bags to the people who help us harvest 12 million seeds. These seeds will then be sent to all reforestation sites.